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PALS Support Group , also known as PDPALS, offers support to those of a younger age who have Parkinson's Disease. We are a branch of the Parkinson's Association of Ireland.

Each year, Parkinson's Disease strikes many people under the age of fifty-five years. It is estimated that there are over 6,000 people in Ireland with PD, and about one in ten of these are under the age of fifty-five.

When newly diagnosed, young patients show few, if any, symptoms under drug therapy. Modern treatments for PD mean that a person with PD can continue to work and have a good quality of life for many years after diagnosis, with the knowledge that new treatment options are being researched.

Younger patients' priorities are different to those of an older generation. They are working, raising children, and often need to talk someone of their own age who will understand exactly what they are saying, because they've been there too.

Sometimes it can be difficult for the partner or carer to understand, so he/she can also benefit immensely from talking to others in the same situation.


To enlist support for people with Parkinson's Disease by:

  • offering opportunities to share information and advice

  • encouraging members to communicate with each other and offer support through phone calls, emails and regular meetings

  • establishing a support network for young patients and relatives throughout Ireland
  • promoting a greater knowledge and understanding of Parkinson's Disease among the general public

  • encouraging professionals to be aware of the individual patient's needs.

For more information about PALS Support Group, contact us at:

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