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These are all of a non-medical nature, but you may find some useful, interesting, worth a try! If you have come up with something that works for you, email us about it and we will include it here.

Also being added here, your entitlements (Ireland only). Scroll down for the first one - on payments for PD drugs.

  • When drinking a mug of tea or coffee, try wearing a weight bracelet (available at most sports equipment shops) on your wrist. Our PAL says it eliminates any sign of his tremor.
  • Use a rubber mat or a wet tea-towel under bowls etc. while preparing food.
  • If being seated works well for you, then prepare food while sitting down.
  • Bathroom and Dressing
  • Soap on a rope is wonderful - no more scrabbling around for the soap at the bottom on the shower tray!
  • Use a washmitt rather than a facecloth/washcloth - it is harder to lose.
  • Install a sturdy grab bar in the bathroom wherever you feel you might need to use one.
  • We came across a long-handled shoehorn (15 in/40cm) recently (Arnotts) - wonderful for prising your heel into a stubborn shoe!
  • Voice Strengthening
  • If your voice is low and people don't hear what you say, try - in the privacy of your home - practising singing loudly!
  • If your voice is low and people don't hear what you say, ask someone to help you adjust your voice level by listening to you speak, and telling you when you have turned up the volume enough!
  • Stick up notices on doors etc. reminding yourself to keep the voice volume up! We believe it works!
  • Getting Places - in or out of the House
  • If you have problems getting in and out of a car, there is a rotating car seat available, or we read of someone using a black plastic refuse sack on the PASSENGER seat to facilitate swiveling.
  • Use a nightlight plug in the hallway or landing to help guide you if you need the bathroom at night.
  • Eating, drinking - the digestive system
  • For indigestion - avoid tight waistbands or belts, and do not bend or lie down after meals. Avoid fatty foods, alcohol or caffeine as they can lead to heartburn. Don't rush meals. The writer finds Werther's Originals marvellous!
  • Constipation - fill a two litre container with water/other liquid and see if you can drink it all in a day! Water helps, as does good brown soda bread, and broccoli. A stomach massage - lie down, massage your abdomen in large circles for 5 minutes -twice a day!
  • In Ireland, free PD meds
  • If you are diagnosed as having PD, you are entitled - regardless of income, to obtain those drugs prescribed for your PD at no charge - this is separate from any other entitlements you may have on the Drugs Refund Scheme. If you are a Medical Card holder you are already receiving them at no charge. Ask your chemist, or Health Board for further details.