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Autumn 2004

Lionel Lyster has decided to help raise money for PALS! He is a brother of Vanessa, whohas Parkinson's, works in marketing in Athlone, and he and Seamus Flynn are hoping to swim the equivalent of the 29 kilometres from Lanesboro to Athlone, in the Athlone Regional Sports Centre swimming pool, over a period of weeks. Lionel and Seamus are currently swimming about 70 lengths each morning four days a week. And the total number of lengths? 1160!

Lioneland Seamus are looking for sponsorship, and sponsorship cards are available by telephoning 090 6493988 or alternatively cheques made payable to PALS Support Group can be forwarded to Lionel Lyster, Business Development Centre, Parnell Square, Athlone.

Vanessa, who is in her thirties, faces Parkinson's with her customary good humour and determination. Lester faces 70 lengths per day for a few weeks more yet, as does his friend Seamus.

Spring 2005

Lionel is still swimming, and has reached his target, which will be presented to PALS shortly. We could waffle on about determination, but it woudn't do justice to the level of commitment that this took.

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