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Cepta Barry was for many years a source of friendship, joy and laughter despite Parkinson's, and someone whose emotional generosity was her most endearing quality. Hard to believe she is gone, but our condolences to her husband Frank, and her daugher and grandchildren.
Ann K., March 2, 2015

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ACT Now Ireland (Acceptance and Commitment Training) - ACT helps people cope more effectively with the anxiety that can result from the diagnosis, and live more completely in the present, in the "here and now" - website

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MARGARET MULLARNEY on RTE One's afternoon show!

Oct.19 2011


Continued need for funding, but Institute opened September 19th

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CoQ10, thought to help slow down the progression of Parkinson's is now on the list of acceptable drugs for claiming on the Long Term Illness Book. Note that you must obtain a Long Term Illness Book for this - if you have PD, you are entitled to this book. We have been told a medical card will not suffice. We have also been told that NO BRAND must be specified. As of November 2011, following further trial results which showed no advantage over placebo, this facility may be withdrawn.

Symmetrel (amantadine), which was to be withdrawn as of May 30 2008, is now apparently not being withdrawn, thanks to some quick action and protests by PALS to the supplier, IMB, and to Dr. Lynch who also took action, and the Dublin Branch PAI who spoke to the HSE. However, there may be a change in the supplier.

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