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This website was last updated on 31st January 2014.

Message from the Webmaster

In April 2009 I sold my Leisure 22 and it's trusty little Vire 7 engine. Since then, my interest in running this website has diminished a little. Nevertheless, I will continue to maintain the site for as long as people continue to visit, and I'll check my E-mails from time to time. However, that might be only once a month, so don't expect to get a reply immediately !

Do you know who manufactures the impellers for the Vire 7? Please E-mail the Webmaster if you do.

Do you need to rebore your Vire, or do you know anything about oversized pistons ? If you do, then please click here.

What is your experience with vibration and/or flexible or rubberised engine mountings ? Please E-mail the Webmaster with your comments or experience.

What size propellor do you use with your Vire 7 ? Please E-mail the Webmaster with the details (diameter, pitch and number of blades, and any extra information that you have, such as length and displacement of boat, speed achieved, and RPM achieved, if you know those figures). Please, take a look at the topic about Propellor Size on the Bulletin Board.

Vire 7, view from starboard, showing Tillotson carburettor Vire 7, cut-away diagram, view from port side

My aim in constructing this website was to create a "One-Stop-Shop" of information for everybody everywhere who owns a Vire 7, that blessed, cursed 7 HP petrol/gasoline inboard marine engine. If you own one of these sometimes temperamental little engines, you may well have prayed that somebody somewhere would create a website like this. Well, somebody has finally done so - me.

Before you go browsing through this website, be warned. Some of the links lead off-site. It might be a good idea to Bookmark this page now, so that you can find your way back here if you get lost. Internet Explorer users should click here to bookmark this page. Netscape or Mozilla Firefox users should press Ctrl+D (on a PC) or Command+D (on a Mac).

This website is constantly under development. The main offering is based on the 1974 version of the European Operator's Manual, including the Spare Parts List, complete with diagrams. However the original files have been considerably updated, mainly by the addition of extra information about part numbers. Both files are in HTML format.

If all you want is a colourful brochure that details both the Vire 7 and its bigger cousin the Vire 12, then click here. It's a big 2.4MB PDF file. If you don't already have it, Adobe Acrobat Reader is available as a free download.

Alas, we live in an increasingly litigious society. So, like everybody else, I have to have a Legal Disclaimer. Please read it before you use any information from this Website.

There is also a bit of Vire 7 History and a page of Vire 7 Links. The latter will point you to a selection of people and companies that service Vire engines and/or supply parts. Two pages of User's Hints, Tips and Tales are continuing to evolve, thanks mainly to user's contributions, so if you have any information that you think may be of use, please E-mail the Webmaster. There is also a page for alternative parts, for those who can't find or don't want to pay "top dollar" for originals; again, contributions for this page are very welcome.

If you have been here before, there is list of updates and changes to the site. There is a general description of the principle behind two-stroke engines, for those who are interested in knowing the theory. And if your interest extends beyond single-cylinder two-stroke inboard engines to Website construction, there is even a little bit of information about this site. Don't be afraid to E-mail the Webmaster too if you have comments about the site itself, or if you find broken links.

Happy Boating !

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