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Updates (latest: 25 February 2002)


          Kingfisher / Cruidín


Please send comments to the compiler - Colm Ó Caomhánaigh from Dublin  cocaomh@gofree.indigo.ie


Reading W.B. Lockwood’s The Oxford Dictionary of British Bird Names (Oxford University Press ISBN 0-19-866196-7) inspired me to look into the meaning and origin of bird names in Irish.  I do not speak Irish, though I learned it at school like everyone else.  Most of my research on the bird names has been through the dictionaries and other books noted in the texts.  I am hoping to get access to some older dictionaries which may yield more results.


I have organised my information into a dictionary form and would be very pleased to hear opinions on the theories.  In particular, in the Irish-English section I have tagged with an * names for which I have no probable explanation – many of them the more common names which have probably changed most over the years.  The pictures are my own.


I am sure that someone has done more formal work on this subject and if anyone can direct me to it I would be much obliged.

Dónal Dalton from Passage, Co. Cork also contributed many ideas.


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