Vire 7 - Technical Data


Number of cylinders
2-stroke / 2-cycle
69.85 mm (3.75 in)
70.00 mm (2.756 in)
Piston displacement
268 cc (16.35 cubic inches)
Compression ratio
Click here for more information on actual compression readings.
Power @ RPM
7 HP (5.1 kW) @ 3200 RPM - click on the image to enlarge
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Maximum Torque approx. 11.8 lbs-ft @ 3000 RPM - click on the image to enlarge
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Sea water cooling via an impellor type water pump driven directly from the gearbox
Fuel pump
A diaphragm pump incorporated in the carburettor, driven by pressure fluctuations in the crankcase
Tillotson HL 286A (Original, no longer available), or
Tillotson HL 229F (Replacement)
Webmaster's Note: The advice has changed over the years. The older 1975 manual recommends:-
Regular Petrol (Gasoline) (92 to 95 octane). The recommended mixture is:-
The revised 1992 manual states:-
Any two-star grade of leaded or unleaded petrol (octane 96/97) may be used. The petrol is mixed with 2% (50:1) Super Outboard Oil (BIA-BIN's TC-W-N quality) which is ash-free.

Webmaster's Note: See the Bulletin Board for discussion and explanation.

Lubrication oil: Engine
2-stroke (2-cycle) Super Outboard Oil (BIA Type TC-W) (mixed in fuel). To ensure proper dispersal, it is recommended that the fuel and oil are mixed in a can and the mixture is then poured into the boat's fuel tank.
Lubrication oil: Reversing gear (Gearbox)

Webmaster's Note: The original European Operator's Manual variously recommends 0.7 or 0.85 litres. The American version recommends 1.75 pints (0.85 litres). Experience suggests that the Americans are right and that too much is better than too little.

Fuel consumption
2.5 to 3 litres per hour, depending on RPM
Spark plug
Normal circumstances, mild climate
In exceptional conditions choose a hotter plug (light running, cold conditions) or a colder plug (heavy running, warm conditions)

Heavy load
If the above list is not extensive enough, or if you want to compare plugs, visit the Alternative Parts page.
Spark plug gap
0.5 mm (0.020 inches)
Flywheel magneto
Bosch. Lighting power 6 volts / 16 watt (AC)
Flywheel is Bosch Part Number 0 212 409 815 ?
Ignition coil
Original Equipment: Bosch Part Number:- 2 204 211 008
Alternative ?: PVL Zündanker 105316
Original Equipment: Bosch Part Number:- 2 237 330 037
Magneto plate
Original Equipment: Bosch Part Number:- 1 217 032 123
Magneto contact breaker points
Original Equipment: Bosch Part Number:- 1 217 013 021
Alternative: Doduco Part Number:- 0 340 150 186
Magneto contact breaker points gap
0.45 mm (0.016 inches)
Ignition timing
30° (5.8 mm before top dead centre)
Starter generator
Original Equipment: Bosch 12 volt 90 watt
Alternative: Delco-Remy Part Number 1101864
Alternative: EFEL (Part Number 6000 ?)
Starter Battery
Recommended Capacity: 30-38 Ah (Maximum 45 Ah)
Reversing gear
Reduction Ratio, Forward - 2:1
Reduction Ratio, Reverse - 2.5:1

Dimensions and Clearances

For the most important external measurements, see the section on mounting the engine in the boat.

Manual Start - 55 kg
Electric Start - 65 kg
Piston / cylinder
0.06 - 0.09 mm
Piston ring gap
0.15 - 0.35 mm
Side clearace of upper piston ring
0.060 - 0.085 mm
Gudgeon pin to piston clearance
0.002 - 0.007 mm
Gudgeon pin to connecting rod clearance
0.006 - 0.028 mm
Side-play of connecting rod on crankshaft
0.20 - 0.30 mm
End-play of screw shaft
0.1 mm

Standard Equipment and Tools

See Spare Parts List.

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