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Have you ever felt daunted by the thought of tackling a maintenance or repair job? Or thought how much easier it would be if somebody would first show you what to do, before you tried it yourself? They say that "a picture paints a thousand words". If that's so, then here's a short novel from Veli-Antii. He has gone to a lot of trouble to show, step by step, a few of the perodic maintenance jobs that face all Vire owners. They include cleaning the exhaust, and replacing the water pump seals. Click here to visit his gallery. The index page contains 44 thumbnail photographs, so it may take a while to load - please be patient.

If you're interested in a bigger project, how about rebuilding an old Alberg 22, and taking the opportunity to retrofit an inboard engine ? A Vire 7, of course. That's just what David Timmins is doing. Here's what he had to say in January 2007: -

"Thought that you might be interested in my Vire rebuild. I'm documenting the progress on my Alberg 22 Journal web site. The Vire Project can be found on the Projects page.

"So far I'm still at the dismantling stage and discovering the various problem areas. I'll update the progress as it happens, but I'm in no particular hurry as my Alberg 22 (all 4500 lb. (2045 kg) of her) will have to be modified to accept an inboard and I'd rather be sailing than constructing." 

If you've got a Vire Project of your own, why not take photos and E-mail them to the Webmaster.

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