Vire 7 - Engine Operation

Engine Speed and Gearbox Control

  1. Open the throttle lever to a 'fast idle' speed.
  2. Move the gear lever in the required direction (movement is 'instinctive' - forward to go ahead, backward to go astern).
    WARNING ! The taper drive cone faces in the gear box can sieze and become seriously damaged if either forward or reverse gear is selected with the engine running too fast. Set the engine speed just high enough to avoid stalling the engine when the gear is engaged.
  3. The speed of the boat is adjusted by means of the throttle lever. The carburettor idling set screw should be positioned so that a hot engine will not cut out when the throttle is closed with the engine in gear.

Running-in Period

Careful use during the first 10 hours will increase the life of the engine. For the first five hours do not use more than half throttle, after which the maximum throttle opening can be increased gradually until at 10 hours it is safe to use full throttle. The engine will not develop full power for about 50 hours, by which time all the bearing surfaces will have become properly bedded-in.

For the first 10 hours it is advisable to use a slightly higher oil content in the fuel, i.e. 1:20. After the 10 hours running-in period, change to the normal 33:1 or 50:1 petrol:oil ratio, as appropriate. So-called Super Outboard Oils (BIA Type TC-W) are recommended. When running, check the flow of cooling water overboard (and through the exhaust, if applicable).

During a long run, give an occasional turn to the grease cup of the stern tube bearing.

Stopping the Engine

  1. If cooling of the exhaust pipe is arranged by "bleeding" some of the cooling water from the cylinder, close the regulator cock.
  2. Close the throttle to the idling speed position.
  3. Place the gear lever into the neutral position.
  4. Operate the ignition stop switch.
  5. Close the fuel cock.
  6. Close the sea cock at the cooling water inlet.

NOTE: If the boat is to lie idle for some time, it is advisable to rotate the engine by means of the flywheel until compression is felt. When the piston is in this position it closes the ports in the cylinder wall, thus preventing humidity from entering the engine.

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