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Charging Problem - and the Solution !

Received on 15 August 2002. Posted on 13 October 2002 - I had a problem with my Vire 7 starter/generator (Delco part). The battery would not charge. At first I changed the regulator but found that the starter/generator itself was in cause.

I brought the starter/generator to a local Quebec City (Canada) electric shop and they told me that parts for this are easily obtainable (in fact he says that some small lawn tractors are equipped with them). They rewired the rotor for $100 US dollars and the system now can charge the battery.

The address of this shop is:

152 Boulevard Hamel,
Vanier (Quebec),
Quebec Province,

Telephone: 418-683-1313

From:- J.F. Guay, Canada E-mail

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