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Another Electrical Problem

Received on 1 August 2002. Posted on 4 August 2002 - My problem is electrical. Last season the 30h wire (What is that 30h wire, anyway?) from the voltage regulator to the starter/generator shorted and burned, (smoky mess). I replaced it and all seemed well.

So far so good this season until a few days ago. Engine wouldn't start, then the 30h wire shorted again and melted (not as bad).

I replaced it again but now all I get is a clicking from the voltage regulator when I try to start the engine, it doesn't turn over at all.

I called Hansen Marine and they seem to think it is the voltage regulator. I found the Delco part online (for less than half of what Hansen wanted) but I only saw 3 terminals on the front of it in the photo?

Any help would be great, thanks.

From:- Jon, North America E-mail

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