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Received on 16 September 2001, Posted on 9 November 2001 - I have a Vire 7 as an auxiliary in a yacht and consequently the aft end of the engine is difficult to work on. The water pump is a fiddley thing to work on when it is on the bench, never mind by feel or with a mirror. Has anyone fitted a pump on the front end of the engine? If so I would appreciate ideas and experiences.

From:- Spence, UK

Reply from the Webmaster

5 January 2002 - SB in Western Australia fitted an alternative pump, not to the front of the engine, but off to one side, driven by a belt from the original waterpump drive shaft. Click here to read how he did it.

16 March 2002 - Kevin, another Australian, has his pump mounted alongside the engine, driven by the same vee-belt that also drives the starter-generator. Click here for details.

17 July 2002 - Rather than use a mechanically driven pump, John, in the UK, went for the option of a small electric pump. Click here for more information.

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