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Points and Condenser

Posted on 12 July 2001 - I can't find any ID number on the points, while I read on your site that they are made by Bosch does anyone have a Bosch parts number? Also can anyone please tell me what make the condenser is as I just been quoted £12 each for the two?

Many Thanks..............Eddie Fitzgerald


Received and posted on 29 August 2001 - The Bosch points part number is 1 217 013 021. My local motor factor informed me that no other company makes a corresponding part. I tried the Type IV Volkswagen points as recommended on your alternative parts page but they bore no resemblance to the Bosch originals. I don't know why this was, mine is quite a new engine so I don't know if that has any bearing.

Hope this is of some help.........Eddie Fitzgerald

Webmaster's Comment - Eddie eventually had to answer his own question, but was magnanimous enough to share the answer with the rest of us. Thanks Eddie.

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