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Posted on 8 July 2001 - I have kept my C&C 25 with a Vire 7 running when it tends to run rough and slow down.... I went from Friday Harbor WA to Olympia WA at 2 knots... because that was the fastest the engine would run without running rough (and going slower than 2 knots!). In Olympia, I soaked the engine with vinegar for days (to dissolve any salt-coating) and went back to Pt. Townsend at 4 knots before slowing down again... so then I tried a weak solution of muriatic acid through the engine and that got me back to Friday Harbor (at 4 knots)....

Obviously, the cooling system is inadequate or unreliable..... but I do not know of a permanent fix (except a bigger mechanical pump?) Note that the engine was supposedly rebuilt 8 years ago, with very little use since then.......................... (I cannot testify as to its being salt-free).

Could you post this question to elicit other people's experience??? Thanks and best regards.

Don J. Dickinson cell 360-317-4352 E-mail

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3 August 2001 - I had a similar problem with my Vire. It got so bad that the hose between the impeller and the motor would blow. The solution was to clean the elbow where the water leaves the head and goes over to the exhaust. I cleaned this, and have had no further problems.

Regards, Bob

Webmaster's Note: Bob is referring to the L-shaped fitting, Part Number 22 in Figure 11. Any report that I have received always points to this fitting as the location of the blockage.

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5 January 2002 - Webmaster's Note: For several more complex solutions to the twin problems of overheating and the seepage of cooling water from the impellor pump into the gearbox, see Tips from several other Vire 7 owners.

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