Vire 7 - Storage of the Engine

Ideally, when laying up the engine for the winter or if it is not to be used for a considerable period, the engine should be removed from the boat and stored in a cool dry location, suitably covered to protect it from dust and dirt. If this is not possible, the following procedure shuld be adopted: -

  1. Remove the air filter, start the engine, and spray protective oil (Part No. 50 173) into the inlet manifold
  2. Open the plug on the cylinder block (Fig. 11 Ref. No. 11) and the plug in the sound absorber (Fig. 16 Ref. No. 8). Ensure that all the water drains out.
  3. If protective oil in a spray bottle is not available, proceed to the following four stages:-
    1. Remove the carburettor, spark plug and V belt
    2. With the piston at Top Dead Centre, pour about 140 mls (¼ Imperial Pint) of oil through the suction point into the crankcase
    3. Turn the piston down to Bottom Dead Centre and tilt the engine so that the oil can flow onto the bearings
    4. Turn the piston again to its Top Dead Centre position and pour about a spoonful of motor oil through the spark plug hole into the cylinder
  4. Rotate the crankshaft two or three turns, leaving it in mid-stroke position, so that the cylinder ports are covered
  5. Replace the spark plug and grease all exposed metal parts
  6. To protect electrical components, spray them with a suitable water-repellant spray
  7. Clean the battery, check the electrolyte level in it, and charge it

Webmaster's Comment - If for some reason you can't do everything on the above list, then do step #2 (drain the water), EVEN IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE. It takes only a few seconds and it will repay the effort. If water freezes in the engine, it will almost certainly burst the exhaust gas collector (Been there, done that...) and it may even burst the main cylinder block.

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