Vire 7

Use Google to Search this Website and other Websites hosted by Indigo (the default) - or search the World Wide Web

Search the World Wide Web Search this Website &

Google won't let you specify just this website, but if you want to confine your search to here: -

  1. don't delete the word "vire" from the search field
  2. add your own search word(s) (the website uses British English, so take care with your spelling)
  3. leave the selection on "Search this Website &"
  4. press "Enter", or click on the "Google Search" button

That will have almost the same effect as searching just this site.

Google "crawls" this website periodically, updating its index. Whether or not the results are up-to-date depends on how recently Google was last here. To know when Google was last here, search for "vire 7" and "updates", and take a moment to view Google's cache of the page and note the date of the most recent update. Then, to be sure not to miss anything, check the list of updates on the website to see the latest additions.

When Google displays the results of its search, it may also present some advertisements. Allowing them to do this is the price that I pay for being allowed to use Google as my dedicated search engine.

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