Changing from Magneto Ignition to a Standard Ignition System

Received on 21 September 2001, Posted on 23 September 2001

From:- JD, USA

Basically, all you need to do to the wiring is: -

  1. Cut the wire going from the condenser to the existing supercoil on the magneto - be sure to cut it between the coil and the condenser so that the condenser is still wired to the points.
  2. From the points run a wire to the negative post on the new coil. This is done easily by disconnecting the grounding, or engine cut-off switch and attaching what once was the magneto ground wire to the new coil. (This, I assume, still allows the points to control the timing and also keeps the condenser in the circuit which, again I am assuming, is necessary.)
  3. Then simply run a wire from the positive post on the new coil to the battery or the most accessible source of 12 volts. Webmaster's Note: - Terminal 54 on the ignition switch is probably better.

With this system the grounding switch is obsolete, in short a new system for stopping the engine must be developed. Webmaster's Note: - If you've used Terminal 54 on the ignition switch, you can omit this step. I find it most convenient to install a switch in the line from the battery to the new coil, when you are ready to kill the engine then you turn the switch and stop the voltage from reaching the new coil.

With this system a dead battery will result in a dead engine.........

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