the Journal

The Journal 1
Eds Walsh and Mills. 1999. 62 pp.
Euro 5.00

Featuring poetry by: Walsh, Scully, Squires, Raworth. Coffey's reading notations for 2 sections of Advent. Reviews of Wild Honey publications by Matthew Gedden and Jim Mays.

The Journal 2
Eds Walsh and Mills. 2000. 90 pp.
Euro 5.00

Featuring poetry by: Nicole Brossard, Charles Bernstein, Cid Corman, Theodore Enslin, Peter Gizzi, Fanny Howe, Keith Waldrop, Rosmarie Waldrop, and Craig Watson. Augustus Young on Brecht and Goebbels. Plus papers delivered at the 1999 3rd Cork Conference on Experimental Irish Poetry by Alex Davis, Romana Huk and Karen MacCormack.