November 2005 - A few months ago my wife and I bought a mahogany cruising yacht named Anna Lisa, constructed by Olle Enderlein in 1950. It is fitted with a Vire 7 from 1975. Unfortunately I can not tell you much about how it performs. The boat is 10.20 meters overall and weighs around 3.5 tons. The previous owner claimed that it goes 5 knots, but we will have to see next summer if that is true.

I have attached a photo of the yacht and I would ask you a favour: We do not know anything about the history about this yacht, and we would like to learn more. Probably some people out there on the internet know the boat and know something about the history. I would be glad if you could put my e-mail address ( with the photo so people can contact me if they know anything about the boat's history. Thank you in advance.

Thomas Veber