Webmaster's Note: Here's the reply that I received when I first made contact with CrinMar:-

15 February 2005

Thank you for the e-mail. I am pleased to inform you of the following:

I, Keith Strutt, worked for Crinan Marine for approximately 2 1/2 years, staring in 2002. The owner of Crinan, Mr. Niall Leslie, upon retiring from marine service, sold the marine portion of the business to me effective June 8, 2004. I have operated CRINMAR (CRINan MARine) since that time.

I continue to offer parts and technical support for Vire 7 engines and currently hold an inventory of parts more extensive than previously stocked by Crinan. I also, via my associates, offer "out of boat" repairs of Vire 7 engines as well as the sale of rebuilt engines as available, commonly on an "exchange basis".

I also try to maintain a supply of some Vire BVR parts, although this is proving more and more difficult. Crinmar is also a distributor of Bukh diesel engines and parts. The new Bukh DV7ME is now available. This single cylinder 7 hp marine diesel engine with gearbox may prove to be a suitable replacement for the Vire 7 in some boats. I ship worldwide.

Please publish the contact information for Crinmar as you see fit. I appreciate any and all opportunities to be known to Vire 7 owners.

Thank you and best regards,

Keith A. Strutt, Owner of Crinmar

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