Safety for Women

Why this Advice ?

This advice is not just for women, although it should be of particular interest to them. Everyone has a part to play in reducing crime and, also of great importance, in reducing the fear of crime. By being aware of the anxieties to which some people may be subject, and by displaying a willingness to help, we can make our country a safer place for everyone.

Why Women ?

Women may be victimised simply because they are women, or because their property is seen as more vulnerable due to individual life styles and perceived lesser physical strength. Basically, we can divide threats against women into attacks that are physically, sexually or property orientated. To put this into context it is important to realise that in Ireland crimes involving physical violence of any kind are amongst the lowest in Europe. As this knowledge is of little comfort to a victim, our aim is to provide you with sufficient awareness to avoid becoming a victim.

On the Street

In the House

In the Car

Reporting Crime

One of the greatest deterrents to criminals is the fear of being caught and punished. Of course, this will never happen if the Gardaí are unaware of the crime. The sooner you call the Gardaí, the sooner they can begin to investigate. The Garda Síochána, both male and female members, appreciate that victims ae not at fault and that the guilt lies with the criminal. Furthermore, the Gardaí are sensitive to the wishes of victims and will endeavour to provide either a male or female Garda according to the victim's needs.

If you become a victim of any crime, you should report it to the Garda Síochána.

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