Standown of S.C.P.O Con Donovan (NSR) after 43 Years service
S.C.P.O Donovan inspects a section of the parade accompanied by Lt. Michael Murphy (NSR)
Lt. Sean Earley (NSR) invites S.C.P.O Donovan to inspect the parade
Lt. Cdr.Michael Murphy (NSR) addressing the gathering
Lt. Cdr.Michael Murphy (NSR) officer commanding and S.C.P.O Donovan
Con,s Family, Daughter Helen, Son-in-Law Tom, Wife Betty and son Brian
S.C.P.O. Donovan and the President of The Naval association Lt. Cdr. Frank Lynch (SM) Retd.
S.C.P.O John Byron and Chief Michael Coniry both will also retire shortly after 43 Years service each
Some of the Naval Association members who attended
Parade march off after the ceremony

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