Irish Naval Association and Royal Naval Associations parade in Birkenhead.

28 members of The Irish Naval Association were guests of the Birkenhead Branch of the Royal Naval Association on the weekend 16th September 2001.
This was the second invitation for our members to participate in the annual parade and memorial service, the celebrant was Revd. John Williams M.B.E. The salute was taken by Cmdr. Henry Harley, and Captain Colin Lee, also invited to take the salute was Lt.Cdr Frank Lynch (vice-President of the Irish Naval Association).

The Parade which included members of the Liverpool and Birkenhead Royal Naval Association also had Irish Naval Association members and Colours on parade. An excellent meal and afternoon entertainment was provided after the ceremony. Each visiting member of the Irish Naval Association received a glass suitably engraved with the the crest of The Royal Naval Association.

The Irish Naval Association look forward to the upcoming visit to Dublin of 38 members of the Royal Naval Association in November. Indeed this has been a repeat of the many visits by each of the Associations.

Mrs & Cdr.Harley, Mrs & Capt.Lee, and Lt.Cdr.Lynch (Irish)

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