Web-sites devoted to scientific topics


1 Hundreds of links to topics, experiments, constructions.


2  Breaking news in science


3 Links from the ICT advisor (Mr. Kearney) in Drumcondra


4 Dissect a frog - online: Virtual Frog Dissection Kit


5  An alternative frog dissection


6 Science experiments, facts and images


7 Mad Science Network: Answers to science questions


8  Take a tour of an Insect Zoo


9 Classroom resources and quizzes - down on the farm


10 Science and sports - test your reaction time to hit a ball


11 Periodic table of elements – with every possible detail


12  Biology/Chemistry/Geography/Physics  - some great close-up photos


13.  Physics ‘wizards’s Lab’ created by students


14. Newscientist guide to weblinks


15. Ask Eric  - Educational guide


16. Teaching Biology with Eric


17.  650 science, art and perception exhibitions


18. University of Delaware Botanic Gardens


19. Ask Eric - Nutrition


20. Random numbers from radioactive decay


21.  Edinburgh Science festival


22. Extraordinary people who helped shape the 20th century


23. Rollercoaster physics


24. Microscopic images from a top-class photographer


25. Intel Science and Maths with a Talent search


26. Assistance for school related research projects







Site links 12 – 26 found in the Resource Manual of TAPS 2000 from the Institute of Technology Tallaght



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