Web Site Creation and Evaluation


Things to think about when you create your own Web-site


Choices to make



Frames  No Frames


Older browsers cannot view frames

Experiment with both

Short amount of text per page    Long amount of text

Viewers tend not to scroll down

One to two screen-fulls per page

Text colour   


Viewers must be able to read it

Green on red background is difficult to read

Light (white) shows up on dark

Dark (black, blue) shows up on light (white, yellow)

Background colour


Colours are brighter on Macs than on PCs

Avoid very bright colours

Graphics   No Graphics

Graphic format


Graphics take longer to load

Graphics make the web attractive

Use a picture gallery

Use decorative page dividers

Use low resolution to keep size down

Use GIF images

Alternative text

For browsers which do not show graphics or have them turned off

Give a short description of the picture

Sounds     No sounds


Sound files are usually large

Try to create your own recording

Links outside the site (remote links)                  No links

Viewers may be distracted from your site

Viewers love to visit sites you recommend

Check that the links work

Links within the site


Link each page to the Home page at least

Animation   No animation

Animation format


It may be annoying

Older browsers cannot view animation


Meta tags     No meta tags

Search engines find these

Edit the HTML code

Within the <HEAD> tag insert

<META NAME=”description”  CONTENT=”This site has information on mathematics”>


<META NAME=”keywords”  CONTENT=”algebra, mathematics”>

Publicise        Not publicise

‘Unpublicised’ web-sites may not be seen by search engines

You could submit your site to a search engine


Author identified      Author not identified

Do you wish to be known as the author?

Do not put personal details on the Net

Authenticity of information

References      No references

Are you providing accurate, verifiable information?


Site  history    


Information can go out-of-date


e-mail contact      No contact

Do you wish to be contactable?


Copyright awareness

There are laws about copyright

Do not use material produced by others as if it was your own

Get relevant permissions

Download time awareness


Viewers will not wait for slow downloads generally

Keep pages short

Variation of browser awareness


How will the site look on Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator or other browser?

Try to use different browsers to view your own site

State the purpose of your web-site

Not state the purpose


Personal site? Educational?

Fictional? Factual? Promotional?



Build off-line     Build on-line


Web creation tools are often provided online but it takes time and time costs money to stay on-line!

Try some site-builders

e.g at http://www.tripod.lycos.com/build


See some other site-builders

Use specialized web-creator package

Use non-specialised package


Good sites can be created using relatively simple text-editors such as Microsoft Word or similar

Use the ‘Save as Web-page’ or ‘Create as Web-page’ option and then check it on your browser

Site design and structure

Page linkage

Page layout


Consistency of page lay-out helps viewers

‘Storyboard’ your site

Plan the links

Decide on your template or use one provided by a ‘wizard’



Have a look at

An Algebra Web-site


Look at other pages for Evaluation tips


Evaluation tips



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