“Now remember, take one bolus every day after milking”

Keeping customers happy

Happy customers are good for business: they’ll come back again and again, and they’ll recommend your product or service to other people.  At Prospect Solutions, we can act as a local first-line point-of-contact for after-sales support, or we can provide the in-depth expertise needed for second-line support.  

· Responding to routine technical enquiries. 

· Providing advice on product use.

· Recording and investigating suspected adverse reactions. 

· Support by telephone and/or E-mail. 

· Personal visits, if required. 

Local support, with a deep understanding of local issues (to say nothing of Irish accents and local dialects)

 After-sales Support

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Prospect Solutions

International Phone: +353 1 493 6765;  National Phone: (01) 493 6765

International Mobile: +353 86 254 8005;  National Mobile: (086) 254 8005

E-mail: damianod@gofree.indigo.ie

Website: www.tinyurl.com/ProspectSolutions


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