Not just a salesman — a complete Company Representative

The personal touch

The Irish are probably the most sociable race in the world, and they like person-to-person contact in all their dealings, business or social.  The old salesman’s adage, that “People buy people, not products” isn’t entirely true, but it still carries a lot of weight around here. 

If you want to train Irish-based staff, or train foreign-based sales staff to work in Ireland, then talk to us. 

Alternatively, if you just need temporary sales support, e.g. for a particular campaign, a conference or another event, then we may be able to supply that from within our existing resources. 

· Advice and training on selling in Ireland. 

· First-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of selling in Ireland. 

· Production and delivery of technical presentations. 

· “Dual calling” and post-call analysis, to provide direct sales support and on-the-job training. 

“Looking Good !”

Sales Support

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Prospect Solutions

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