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Support for the licensing of veterinary medicines

We provide help and support at all stages of the regulatory process in Ireland, starting with pre-submission meetings with the Competent Authority (if required), through preparation and assembly of the dossier, to completion of the “paperwork” and submission of the dossier. 

We’ll also help you to handle and respond to the questions that will inevitably be asked by the Competent Authority, as well as supporting you in getting approval for packaging. 

You decide how much help you need—we provide it. 

· In-depth knowledge and understanding of European and Irish statutory and procedural requirements. 

· Experience of decentralized (DCP), mutual recognition (MRP) and national licensing procedures, and controlled drugs legislation. 

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

· Skilled negotiator, if the going gets tough. 

Familiarity with European and National requirements

International Phone: +353 1 493 6765;  National Phone: (01) 493 6765

International Mobile: +353 86 254 8005;  National Mobile: (086) 254 8005




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