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Prospect Solutions is based in Ireland, providing services nationally and internationally. 

If you want to telephone us, please remember that the local time in Ireland is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in winter, and Irish Summer Time (UTC+1) from March to October.  We will answer the ’phone at any time, but we won’t be at our best if you ring us in the middle of the night!  

Prospect Solutions, 57 Prospect Avenue, Edmondstown, Dublin 16, Ireland

To contact us:

International Phone: +353 1 493 6765;  National Phone: (01) 493 6765

International Mobile: +353 86 254 8005;  National Mobile: (086) 254 8005




Dublin, Ireland

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Prospect Solutions is a Registered Business Name of Damian O'Donohue MVB, MVM, MRCVS. Registered in Ireland No. 466898